Schedule will be posted soon!  In the meantime visit our features page to find out when each local short will be screened at KCFF'14!

The local short films chosen for KCFF'14 are:
Jimmy the Sailor (dir. Shayna Markowitz)
Acting Dead (dir. Michael Hayes)
Muster Up! (dir. Shane Beehler)
The Bench (dir. Michele Kaplonski)
The Wireless Tablet (dir. Philip Brulé, Fahaam Tashfeen)
Wendy at the Movies (dir. David McCallum)
Dance Speak (dir. J. Adam Brown)
Peter and Jane Know Some of the Same People (dir. Chris Remerowski)
Short Story (dir. Joel George)
History (dir. James Greatrex)

Auditioning (dir. Ian VanDuzer)
Teenage Dance (dir. Adam Bentley)
Gunner (dir. Patrick Weiers)
On the Small Screen (dir. Charlotte Orzel)
The Path (dir. Jonny Klynkramer)
Digging Up Plato (dir. Leigh Ann Bellamy)
The Gaze (dir. Even Yawen Wu, Yiyang Liu)
Bloom (dir. Spencer Brown)
Please Donate (dir. Ciaran Meyer, Matt Horvat)
Badal (dir. Hamza Bangash)
Laika, Come Home (dir. Ian VanDuzen)
Cinq Cents (dir. Even Yawen Wu, Yiyang Liu)

Dates, times and venue information for each local short will be posted in advance of the festival at www.kingcanfilmfest.com

Don't forget that the Steam Whistle Local Homebrew Award will be presented in the Davies Lounge (Grand Theatre), 218 Princess Street, on Saturday March 1 between 6pm-7pm.  The award presentation is a great opportunity to meet our local filmmakers and enjoy some refreshments/snacks during the festival.  This event is free of charge.