For Filmmakers

Photo of Breaking In career event

Hone Your Craft
Each year, KCFF brings the film industry to Kingston. This is your chance to talk one-on-one with with visiting directors, producers and actors. Attend workshops to improve your script, your acting or your chance of getting a grant. Apply for a One-on-One Session and get in front of a filmmaker, producer, screenwriter or actor to hone your craft.

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Film screenings, career events and even receptions give local filmmakers the chance to meet industry experts face to face. KCFF co-hosts a popular event with Queen’s University Career Services that gives student and amateur filmmakers face time with industry pros.

Find Your Audience
The Local Shorts Program makes sure Kingston-based films and filmmakers have a place at the heart of the festival. Each local short is paired with a feature, guaranteeing an audience. The shorts package – which plays several short films back-to-back in a feature-length screening – is one of the most popular events at the festival. We also accept submissions of features and shorts from Canadian filmmakers all over the world.

Be an Insider
Volunteer and intern positions with KCFF are hands-on jobs that will add flash to your resume. Each year, more than 70 volunteers and 3 or 4 interns are an integral part of the festival. Our volunteers and interns have gone on to great jobs in the film industry, landing positions at production companies, the Toronto International Film Festival and at other film festivals. Become a KCFF volunteer.